Recognition and Accreditation

cambridge_smallI n 2005 LIST gained the status of becoming a CIE (Cambridge international Examinations) examinations centre, anabling us to offer a full range of IGCSE and AS/A level courses. CIE is part of the University of Cambridge and is the world’s largest provider of international examinations for 14 to 19 year olds. Visit the CIE website to find out more.

sormorsorLanna International School Thailand is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and is fully accredited by The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for Nursery Years through to Year 13.

wascWASC is an American accreditation organization responsible for accrediting international schools in Asia, as well as schools in California and Hawaii.

The accreditation process is a perpetual cycle of assessment, planning, implementing, monitoring and reassessment: the process is guided and assisted by the self-study, visit and follow-up. Every five years, a school conducts an in depth self-study to examine overall progress accomplished since the last self-study. And the effectiveness of its current programme based on the WASC criteria in relation to student achievement.

Accreditation is affirmation by professional peer evaluators that:

  • a school is what it says it is,
  • the school does what it does in accordance with criteria set by the academic community, and
  • the school is committed to continuous improvement.

new_earcos2013Accreditation requires continual self-evaluation, frequent reports, and periodic external review.

A significant part of the accreditation process is the Schoolwide Action Plan.

The 1999 National Education Act stated that there should be the creation of a body for standards and quality, hence the establishment of the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment(ONESQA) a public accreditation organisation. This organisation works hand in hand with the major accreditation bodies to jointly accredit international schools in Thailand.

Since 2008 LIST has been jointly accredited by WASC and ONESQA, thereby making it a fully accredited school both domestically and internationally.

LIST is a member of the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS). Earcos encourages collaboration between member schools and aims to broaden the dimensions of education of all schools involved in the Council in the interest of a total program of education.LIST is a member of ISAT.

duke_edinburgh_awardThis organisation acts as a link between international schools, on the one hand, and the Ministry of Education and the Office of the Private Education Commission on the other. ISAT’s regular meetings provide a forum for discussion, debate and exchange of information.

Download LIST’s Action Plan for 2014:

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