Executive Board

The School's Executive Board

The School’s Executive Board has been restructured to reflect the growth and development of the school. Its structure reflects a strong relationship between the Board and the School Leadership. It provides guidance to the school’s administration and management on the aspects of personnel, work plan, budget, technique, students’ activities, buildings and premises. It seeks to improve the school’s connections with parents and with the wider educational community.
It serves as an advocate of the school and its Mission.

The Board may decide to establish sub-committees for specific tasks which report back to the Board. The following committees are currently in place, with at least one board member in each committee that reports to the Board:

  • Student/Community
  • Marketing
  • Resource Management
  • Educational Management
  • New Site Planning and Development

Executive Board Members




Khun Surin


LIST was founded by my husband, Paul, in 1993. Paul devoted his time and energy into developing a school for our children and the community. Unfortunately, soon after the doors opened, the tragic and untimely death of my loving and caring husband left much unfinished work. It was up to my children and I to see that his dreams and livelihood lived on by making the school into what we knew it could be.

LIST is a special place for my family and me. It has flourished into something more than I ever expected. I’ve been able to draw together educators and staff that share my vision of making LIST into a place where children can receive a great education without it costing a fortune. Every day holds a new challenge, but as long as I continue to make LIST a place where children enjoy coming to further their education then I believe I’ve successfully carried on Paul’s dream. I thank the community of students, parents and teachers that help make this a special place that I continue to believe in and work long hours to make as good as it can be.




Ajarn Aim-on Thongbai (Aoy)

School Director

B.A., Payap University; B. Ed. Rajabhat University; Post Graduate in Educational Administration, Rajabhat University

More than twenty years working in the educational field, it has been a long journey. I worked for a language school teaching career people to speak English for 6 years before moving to Nakornpayap International School where I stayed for 19 years. There, I worked as a teacher assistant, Kindergarten teacher, Thai teacher, Thai Principal, and finally Deputy Director. In 2013, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to take on my current position as Director at Lanna International School.

LIST is quite a special place, with a warm, family feeling among staff and students, maintaining high expectations for all kinds of achievement. To me that is the charm of LIST. It is exciting to work in the different atmosphere of LIST. I’m sure that working here will make me full of smiles.




Roy Lewis

Head of School

BA (Hons) Geography, Manchester University; PGCE Manchester University; Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA); F.R.G.S.; IB Examiner; Member of NEASC Accreditation teams

After working for over twenty years as a teacher, examiner and administrator at both university and secondary school levels, up to Oxbridge entrance, my passionate interest in wildlife and travel led me to look for positions in international schools. Thus I experienced a variety of schools, programmes and living environments in South Africa, Chile and Turkey.

Having survived a ‘civil war’ and several coups I joined LIST in 2003 as Head of School, and have now been in this position longer than the combined total of my predecessors. I have seen the school grow in so many ways, whilst retaining the caring atmosphere that it has always had. I have never worked in a school with such a great community spirit and I am truly appreciative of the support I have had over these past years from the LIST community in helping me try to achieve the vision I have for this wonderful school.




Pete Train

I am a chemical engineer. I worked for an international design & construction company that handled multi-million dollar projects. I set up & ran an engineering office in Thailand that had 300 employees. Later I was responsible for marketing in ASEAN & the Far East.

My daughter has been at LIST since KG1. We both love the school and I look forward to helping the new school come to fruition.




Mrs Sunisa Bates (Noi)

M.A., Chiang Mai University, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, B.A., Chiang Mai University, English Literature.

I have always seen the importance of education and realize that it is the way to encourage people to be good citizens. I have been sending my children to Lanna International School since 1998 when my son started his first year of school. My daughter also started her first year here in 2002. I have been involving in a lot of activities organized by the school and PTO.  I am now working as a part-time teacher at Chiang Mai University teaching English language fundamental courses for the first and second year students. I also have private tuition for both Thai and English language for people who would like to improve their language skill. After graduating from Chiang Mai University in B.A., I worked as a secretary for YMCA in Chiang Mai and to a “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” specialist from the UK. I joined Thai Airways Int. Co. Ltd., in 1990 and had worked there for 12 years involved in all aspects of passenger services.

LIST is a special place with warm smiles from parents and teachers and students. I am happy to see LIST is progressing in a positive way.





Chrissy Richman

Dip Couns, MBACP

Most recently I was the CEO of a charity in the UK responsible for a staff team of 200. The charity worked both in the community and operated specialist residential clinics for people with complex problems and drug and alcohol misuse. Before this I worked as a Treatment Director, Counsellor, Outreach Youth Worker, Community Worker, and Welfare Officer in different clinical and social settings, often specialising in crisis intervention work.

During the 1990s I worked for Kensington and Chelsea Social Services in the newly formed crisis unit working with people with HIV and AIDS. I have sat in think tank forums in the House of Lords in UK Government forming policy on issues ranging from Women’s Welfare, Drug and Alcohol Policy and Young Peoples Welfare. I now run a small company in Chiang Mai that offers specialist Life Change Holidays.




Alan Cooper

Science Teacher

M.Sc. Molecular Biology, King’s College London; M.I.Biol C.Biol – Surrey College of Technology; B.Ed Oxford University; Cert.Ed Milton Keynes College of Education; TESOL Trinity House London

I began teaching a long time ago in England at a comprehensive school in Milton Keynes. I then moved to Epsom near London to run a Biology department, where I worked for 20 years. During that I time became Head of the Middle section of the school  (Y10/11) and also acted as a Deputy Head for a year. Seeking a change I looked to work abroad and spent 12 years in Kuwait, teaching Biology from Y7-13, acting as Head of department and  taking on the role of  Year Head.

In 2007 I moved to Thailand with the misguided intent of retiring, which never happened! Lanna International School opened its doors and eight years later I am here enjoying life and not regretting my failure to retire. The challenge of enthusing students to learn and improve remains a driving force.

Being appointed to the Executive Board of Lanna in 2015 is an exciting challenge that I am happy to undertake. My years of teaching and the experience of working in schools in the UK and abroad should allow me to contribute effectively to the Board, providing a perspective of a working practitioner to complement the specialities of the other Board members.




Tim Creber

Marketing, Admissions and School Educational Advisor

Certificate of Education, English and Physical Education; Master of Science in Education Management (both in Sheffield)

I first taught in England for about fifteen years and for more than twenty-five years since then I have held managerial positions and been Director of a number of international schools. I worked in Dubai and the Sultanate of Oman and schools in Thailand, including NIST in Bangkok and Dulwich International College in Phuket. I have also helped schools in a consultancy role and my last position prior to joining LIST was as Director of a school in Burma offering a British style of education, including IGCSE and A Levels.

Much of my work has involved new school developments, including membership of several other Executive Boards. I hope to use some of the expertise gained through this experience to help LIST progress as smoothly and effectively as possible, although one thing I have learned is that change and new developments are rarely smooth!

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