Expected Learning Results

What our students will achieve


Expected Schoolwide Learning Results” are cross-curricular learning objectives which are pertinent to all classes taught at LIST. In planning lessons and activities teachers consider not only the curricular objectives of the course, but also these more global objectives.

In every class at Lanna, our students will be:


  • Think critically and creatively in solving problems, evaluating information and making decisions.
  • Work individually and cooperatively in exploring and sharing ideas, setting priorities and reaching goals.
  • Use a variety of appropriate resources, including information technology, to obtain information for academic and
    personal use.
  • Participate in educational and extra-curricular activities within Lanna’s culturally diverse school community.


  • Communicate effectively and clearly, verbally and in writing, and be able to represent information and ideas
  • Become proficient users of spoken and written English for social and academic purposes and for self-expression.

global_citizensGLOBAL CITIZENS

  • Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity with respect to their own and others’ cultures and abilities.
  • Become responsible global citizens, recognizing how the actions of individuals and society have consequences.


  • Demonstrate self-esteem, self-reliance and integrity grounded in knowledge and understanding of self and others.
  • Value and appreciate the importance of nutrition, physical fitness, personal health and well-being.
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