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Lanna International School

LIST leads the way in Chiang Mai in offering established British IGCSE and A Level courses. In their final four years at the school, students work towards the widely recognised Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and later the Cambridge Advanced Level (A Level) qualifications.

LIST students also have the opportunity to prepare for the British IELTS (English proficiency) qualification and even the American SAT tests – if they so wish; in fact LIST is a registered College Board SAT centre. Our students all have the option to attend SAT preparation classes, and get the opportunity to sit PSATs (official practice SAT exams with full detailed feedback) for free.

Students leave LIST with qualifications that are widely recognized, allowing them direct entry to universities all over the world.

LIST is the only school in the North of Thailand to offer a British education from nursery right through to graduation. In recent years LIST has become the de facto choice for those seeking a true international education, with a British twist, here in Chiang Mai. It has also developed quite a reputation for being a positive and friendly school where students genuinely enjoy their education.

The doors at LIST are always open, to students, teachers and parents, making the campus a small community that embraces the collective spirit of the school.


LIST, with its established British educational programme, produces graduates year after year with high level qualifications that provide them with real opportunities in life. Students following IGCSE and A Level courses at LIST are now reaping the rewards of joining well established courses delivered by experienced, well qualified, teachers.

Testament to the merits of the school’s system are the children who each year gain top grades. In recent years, students at LIST have been praised by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for Best in Thailand in their IGCSE examinations in Combined Science, Drama and Physical Education and a High Achievement Award for Japanese Language. Students have also achieved the highest marks in Thailand in A Level German and Biology

To give all parents peace of mind you are able to see how your child is developing within the system. From the early years of primary school LIST students take standardised assessment tests from CIE in the core areas of Maths, Science and English, so that parents are fully aware of how their child is doing against real international standards.

In an effort to make sure no students find themselves out of their linguistic depth, LIST carries out basic English language tests for all student applicants; this ensures that your son or daughter is working alongside similarly capable students to get the best from their education. We also offer specialist Intensive English courses separately for some students to improve their command of English.

Both the PTO (Parent Teacher Organisation) and the Student Council are important parts of the LIST community. The student Council at LIST has ‘teeth’, with the students taking on real responsibilities and learning important lessons along the way. The PTO is super active and plan lots of events to get the staff and parents together throughout the year. Teachers and parents at LIST enjoy a close relationship, a relationship that helps to preclude problems in the students’ school experience.

Lanna International SchoolThe buildings at LIST have been though various stages of renewal and expansion of late. Our superb, purpose-built Kindergarten section provides a wonderful setting for children from 3 years old. A large covered sports ‘Dome’ has been built, many new classrooms have been erected, and a state of the art high speed computer network has been installed throughout the campus. Other new additions to the school are impressive Science laboratories which meet the needs of Advanced Level Science studies, plus expansion of our provision for Art and Music. Many classrooms now have overhead projectors. LIST also has decent sporting facilities including three hard sports courts for soccer, basketball etc., and an excellent swimming pool.

In an effort to become more environmentally aware, and also an active participant in helping to sustain the natural environment, LIST has initiated various ‘green’ programmes. For several years now the school has had an active recycling policy and has been involved with various tree planting and clean-up initiatives throughout the city. Building upon this they have now developed a five year plan to actively increase the school’s environmental friendliness, with many new initiatives being introduced. They are developing links with local environmental organisations and are working to include Education for Sustainable Development within all areas of the school curriculum.

Making the right educational choice for you children is never easy, though LIST’s doors are always open for you and there is always someone at hand to answer any questions you may have; or deal with any fears a parent might harbour concerning their child’s education. Be assured that LIST’s students will always be encouraged to become independent thinkers, self aware, community based students; not only adaptable to the vagaries of the future, but imbued with the confidence needed to meet a rapidly changing world head-on.

Unsolicited quotations from Ann Lertwicha, former LIST Valedictorian, on going to study Science at Hong Kong University (ranked first in Asia, from where she graduated top of her class with a First Class Honours Degree):

Lanna taught me how to learn, how to self-study, to develop presentation skills, to be more confident in expressing my opinions and thoughts, to always search for meaning in every academic subject and even social activity, to find a place for myself in this complex world and something I could do to make my life meaningful.


..the quality of interactive teaching, teachers, activities, and learning resources at Lanna is second to none.

She sent the message below shortly after she graduated:

I am writing this letter as a fresh graduate with first class honors from the University of Hong Kong! (HKU)  The moment I knew about it, I began to look back at the journey that led me here. HKU is full of hardworking Chinese students (the Chinese version of ‘hardworking’ means that students will study all day in the library, and stay there all night during exam time!) But peer pressure and the competitiveness was nothing compared to the high expectation of professors and the demanding curriculum. So HKU was definitely not a piece of cake, and I am quite proud this achievement (which can be credited in large parts to Lanna! So I must say that I am even prouder to declare myself a Lanna graduate.)


It is an understatement to say that Lanna had helped me prepare for this academic challenge. Lanna did so much more than that. I not only learnt how to study, write good essays, deliver effective presentations, and think critically and creatively (which were tremendously helpful skills for HKU), but I was also taught to be confident and passionate in everything I set my mind to. I received so much support and encouragement from teachers at Lanna to dream and achieve what seemed impossible. Not only that, Lanna is the only school I know where students can walk straight into the headmaster’s and teachers’ offices just to have a chat. Lanna is a warm and caring community where I can always go back to and know that I will be loved and supported, both in happiness and in sorrow. It has been an honor be a part of this family. I could never have asked for anything better from a school.

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