English Support and Intensive English

English Language Support

English Support

At LIST we aim to meet the needs of students with a range of language skills and abilities. English Support is provided for students for whom this is required.

ESL English Language Support

English Support for Primary School Students

In the Lower Primary section of LIST we generally operate an open admissions policy: we cater for students with a range of language abilities. We provide English help together with a range of differentiated teaching materials to meet individual needs and interests.

Students normally enter English Support classes after assessment during the admissions process or following referral to the programme by their classroom teacher.

English Support is provided as part of the English Language Programme. This is provided by extracting students from certain lessons for tuition, or by specialist staff going into mainstream classes to work with those students requiring extra help. Details of costs of this extra provision are in the fees page.

English Support for Secondary School Students

ESLSecondary School English Support is intended to assist students whose native language is not English to gain competency in English language usage for academic and social applications.

Courses are geared as much as possible to the ability of the individual student. The teaching is set within the framework of English National Curriculum. For new students, initial testing carried out prior to being admitted to LIST decides placement in either English Support or mainstream English classes. Currently English Support classes are scheduled to take the place of mainstream English classes.

The broad objectives of English Support classes are to improve the students’ key essential skills in speaking (including pronunciation, fluency and clarity of speech), listening, comprehension, reading and writing, to their appropriate age and level. When teachers judge that students have reached the stage where they can do regular English class work, they join mainstream Englishclasses.

English Language Assessment

ESL AssessmentStudents are assessed prior to entry into English Support courses to determine abilities in the key areas of reading, writing, listening, understanding directions, and comprehension.

LIST’s Intensive English Programme

The high quality Intensive English (IE) language programme offered at LIST is designed to provide a “fast­track” opportunity for students with a very low level of English to improve their skills to a level where they may be accepted into mainstream classes at LIST or another international school.

IE classes are small and the programme is taught by well qualified native English speaking teachers, chosen for their qualifications and experience of teaching students whose first language is not English. In the Intensive English programme the emphasis is on developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Specific work is also focused on English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Students stay in IE for up to one year, after which it is hoped that they are ready to move into mainstream classes, probably with continuing English help as described above. The rate of language acquisition varies greatly between students and we make no guarantee as to how long this may take.

We currently have courses available for students aged 10 to 12. There is no provision for older students because beyond this age it is very difficult to attain the language skills necessary to succeed in an English speaking international school.

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