Trips & Courses Costs

School Trips and Courses

Costs of Planned School Trips and Courses

This is an overview of scheduled trips and courses for which there are significant costs involved. It is intended to provide parents with advance information of likely costs – to help you better plan, and avoid surprise bills.

Note, however, that from time to time other opportunities with significant costs, that are not included here, may be made available to students.

It is expected that all LIST students will take part in the relevant events listed below, except where they are listed as optional. When trips involving whole year groups are out of school there will be no alternative classes available within school.

Y6 (all students; during second semester): Pun Pun overnight trip (sustainable living and learning centre) – around B1,000
Y7 to 13 (an optional trip for all Secondary students; January each second year - 2014, 2016, etc.):School Weekend Camp at Ob Khan National Park – around B1,200
Y7 (all students; February/March each year):Science 3 night trip to Thaton fieldstudy centre – around B6,000
Y9 (all students; November/December each year):Science overnight trip to Doi Inthanon observatory and forest – around B1,250
Y10 (all students; January/February each year):Science + Humanities 3 night trip to Thaton fieldstudy centre - around B6,000
Y12/13 (an option for those that need an SAT qualification; various dates available):SAT Examination - around B6,000 paid directly to CollegeBoard (
Y12/13 (all students; November during senior years):Team Building/Adventure 2 night trip to Thaton field study centre – around B6,000
Y13 (all non-native English students seeking university places; various dates available):IELTS Test (fee of B6,300 payable directly to British Council) + IELTS 12 hour Preparation Programme (very strongly recommended; B3,500)

Payment for all trips/courses is normally required 2 to 3 months in advance of the scheduled date. Refunds are always given where the actual cost of a trip is less than the fee initially charged to students.

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