Army Cadets

Thai Army Cadets at LIST

Many of our students, who hold Thai passports, choose to take part in our Army Cadet activities during Years 11, 12 and 13 of their time at LIST. This three year commitment has considerable benefits for the students in terms of personal development and growth, as well as exempting them from the possibility of Thai Military National Service obligations.

The cadets meet with Mr Yadt, our registrar and Cadet Commander, every second and third Wednesday of the month. They practice drill, learn respect and loyalty for their country, and become keenly aware of the importance of proper dress and behaviour when representing the Thai Military.

In August of each year the cadets attend a 10 day camp and have the opportunity to meet up with other cadets. During this camp the cadets showcase their skills on the drill yard, hone their shooting skills and take part in many other activities vital to developing soldiering competency.

During the January of Years 12 and 13 (second and third years of cadet involvement) the cadets attend an additional camp – five days at Chiang Mai army base. During their stay at the base the cadets camp in tents. They receive instruction in fieldcraft and are prepared for combat manoeuvers in the adjoining forest area. These manoeuvers are the highlight of the camp for most cadets, and involve them being placed in a simulated battle situation. The simulation carries on into the night and includes an overnight stay in the forest – camping rough with no tent.




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