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Lanna Community Service

Lanna Service Learning  (LSL) is a Years 12 and 13 class through which students work to assist others less fortunate than themselves. They carry out many fundraising events in order to supporting causes within the Chiang Mai community. They do direct work with local people with disabilities, work on recycling projects, and much more besides.

LSL group have visited the Northern Blind Children School where they were shown a machine that changes reading books into books made using Braille (raised ‘bumps’). After their visit they made a children’s story book which was given to the centre to be converted into a Braille book.

Last year LSL launched an ‘English Campaign’ at LIST to make students aware of the need and importance of immersing in English. This campaign was important as many students are in the process of making applications for tertiary studies. LSL was also seen at the FERC (Funding of the Education of Rural Children) Annual Gala at the Sofitel Hotel. They were selling raffle tickets on behalf of the organisation and sold many tickets to the patrons of this event.

LSL finished the year in the giving spirit by giving away their last remaining money. It was given to the Mae Chaem Tribal Youth Centre, and the Thai Freedom House Project. Both of these organizations were in desperate need of funds. The Thai Freedom House has used their money to hire a Thai teacher to teach them, as most of the students come from impoverished hill tribe communities. The Mae Chaem Tribal Youth Centre purchased furniture and equipment for their centre.

The work of LSL has been exceptional in recent years. The students deserve to be congratulated for being wonderful ambassadors for the school by reaching out into the community around us. Thank you all.


Year 9 donate to the Support the Children Foundation

Year 9 have worked hard raise money for the Support the Children Foundation. The Support the Children Foundation is a non-governmental organisation established in 1992 to give tender loving care to abandoned children with AIDS, and to promote campaigning to stop HIV/AIDS as soon as possible. For more information about them, go to

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