Music at LIST

Music at lanna international school

The music department at LIST has undergone some radical changes of late. It has recently moved and now has 2 dedicated classrooms as well as a large practice room for instrumentalists. The school purchased class sets of hand drums and glockenspiels for the students to develop their skills on. Although in its early stages, the school now has an orchestra which will continue to grow and develop and is available to all students regardless of their subject choices.


Right from the Early Years our Primary students are actively engaging in music appreciation and learning the concepts and skills of Music that may lead them to musical heights in the future. With a dedicated Early Years and Primary Music teacher, children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of musical pursuits which include singing, instrument playing and basic musical theory. The students also have the chance to further their involvement during the after-school activities programme with a selection of music related clubs.

Music teacher Mr Lindsay Stevenson has developed the department into the thriving hub of creativity it is today, and continues to inspire and motivate the students to greater musical heights. The music department now has an impressive array of instruments for the students to play, and most lunchtimes and after school hours you will find the students honing their abilities. This camaraderie and group participation within this fertile environment fosters positive relationships amongst the students, which in turn develops a stronger sense of unity amongst the student body.

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