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LIST’s extensive sports programmes help students to develop a sense of community among the players, coaches and parents and families. Our sports programmes also connect our students with the communities of other international schools in the Chiang Mai and Bangkok areas. Sports include athletics, badminton, basketball, football, table tennis futsal, tennis, cross country running, swimming and volleyball, at various times throughout the year, with gymnastics and trampolining hopefully being added at a future date.

football_lanna_international_schoolHere at LIST we try to offer a broad and wide variety of sports and activities to help develop young, healthy caring community. We look at diet, health and hygiene within lessons, along with team work, leadership, life saving and problem solving.

In addition to the PE classes for all students, we also offer PE at different examination levels, with IGCSE PE and AS/A-level PE courses.

Within the teams, we focus on fair-play, sportsmanship, leadership and team work. All students have the opportunity to participant within the teams and this is never dependant upon ability. Students sign a commitment form stating that they will come to practices, behave properly and always wear the LIST shirt with pride and respect to the other teams, coaches and officials.

The school offers after school football practice on a Monday and Friday, along with swimming coaching from our swim coach, Marcus, who comes and takes the after school training for us. The school has a gym with equipment for the students to train and develop a healthy active lifestyle, with running machine, bikes, cross trainer and weights.

The school also offers activity time in which we play the sports that are being played in the Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC) calender, which gives us extra time to train and develop skills both individually and as members of a team.

The school is in its second year of the Lanna Sports Leaders programme, through which students learn to organise tournaments, become coaches and learn how to lead training sessions for younger children. A number of students, if not playing themselves, give up their free time to train and/or run some of the lower school sports teams.

LIST is an active member of CMAC, an organisation made up of seven member schools in Chiang Mai. CMAC, through the schools’ Athletic Directors, promotes and coordinates city-wide athletic tournaments and cultural events for the international schools from within the Chiang Mai area. To see what events are going on this year visit the CMAC website.


Football at Lanna International School in Chiang Mai.

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