Mr Roy Lewis - Head of Lanna International School Thailand

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our school, Lanna International School Thailand, the British international school in northern Thailand. All that we do in our school reflects our vision and mission. We at Lanna believe that our student-centred programmes of study and our extensive range of extra-curricular activities provide the students with the challenges that enable them to reach their potential academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

In a school like Lanna with a rich cultural diversity, the values imparted are of great importance for later life. We seek to instil in our students tolerance, dignity, a respect for others and moral equality. We strive to ensure that our students act both responsibly and independently, whether at school or in the community outside. We ensure that each child is considered as an individual and, in turn, we encourage them to respect the unique qualities of all individuals.

Working with me is a team of qualified and dedicated teachers who put students first and have a commitment to enabling students to reach their full potential. Together we seek to stimulate the character, personality and talents of all our children. It is our hope that when our students leave us they will be life-long learners and a benefit the communities in which they live. Our current facilities may be limited but the school’s atmosphere is such that our students are happy, safe and confident.

At this stage in the school’s history we are embarking on an exciting venture which will involve the movement to a new site together with an increase in our student body.  Many challenges will lie ahead, not least that of maintaining the atmosphere we have built up over the past twenty years. That said,  I am confident that all stakeholders working together will ensure that this significant feature of the school will indeed be preserved.

This website should provide a flavour of what life is like at Lanna. I hope you find it informative and that you take the opportunity to visit us in order to gain a more complete sense of what we do. We invite you to call or email for an appointment to visit our school.

I look forward to being of assistance to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Roy Lewis
Head of School