Information regarding the school one to one student laptop initiative at Lanna.


The Lanna student laptop initiative started in August 2017 with year 7 and 10 students being provided with a Lenovo laptop with its purpose to enhance learning both in the classroom and at at home.  To date, the initiative has been successful and we plan to continue the rollout in the coming years as follows:


Year 7 and 10 issued with a device in August 2017 and replaced in August 2020

Year 7 and 10 issued with a device in August 2018 and replaced in August 2021

Year 7 and 10 issued with a device in August 2019 and replaced in August 2022

And so on…


The laptop provided to your child will be used for a 3 year period, so for those students in year 7, a new laptop model will be issued in year 10.   For year 10 students the 3 year laptop cycle ends at the end of year 12.  However, for students in year 13, computer purchase and maintenance becomes the responsibility of students and their parents.


The laptop is issued with no cost attached and information regarding the ‘Student User Agreement’ and the ‘Laptop Damage Agreement’


The laptop will remain the property of the school and is returnable if a student leaves the school.  Before receiving a laptop each student’s parents will have signed an agreement, as outlined in the “Laptop Damage Protection” document. Hard copies of these will be given to students at the start of each academic year.


The laptop that will be issued for August 2018 will be the Lenovo 120S 14” and information regarding the specification can be found using the following link:


Lenovo Ideapad


If you have any questions regarding the laptop rollout please email [email protected].