My many years at Lanna have been filled with academic challenges, caring teachers and administration staff, engaging extracurricular activities and meaningful friendships.

Lanna is a great school and I can not emphasize enough the impact that the IGCSE and A-level curriculums have had in preparing me to excel in life after high school. The teachers offered their fullest guidance to me every day and invested everything in me. All students benefited from the small class sizes and the attention paid to each student helped to foster a warm learning environment within each classroom.

I left Lanna feeling not only academically prepared for university, but also mentally prepared to deal with many aspects of life. My mind was well equipped to deal with the challenging problem sets and quizzical essay prompts assigned to me, and my moral character was established so that I would always know to stay true to myself and to continue doing what I love doing.

The past 15 years at Lanna were special and I treasure all the precious moments that I have had the privilege of sharing with my wonderful friends and teachers.

Here’s to 15 years well spent and no regrets to speak of!