We are thrilled to share some exciting news: LANNA is celebrating its 30th year! This calls for a grand celebration, and we invite you to join us in marking this incredible milestone. 

This year also marks a momentous milestone for LANNA: the transition to becoming One School, One Campus. This dual celebration represents our remarkable 30-year journey and a significant step forward in our growth and development.

We are delighted to share the exciting news that, thanks to the generous support from senior management and external vendors, we are now able to offer complimentary tickets for all attendees.

We will have a seperate area for children aged 2 – 11 (for free). They will be supervised by LANNA staff. There is limited space for this so reservation is mandatory.

Children aged 12+ may sit with you.


The 30th Anniversary celebration will be a day to remember, with three main components:

  • Housewarming: We are excited to welcome you all to our new campus to explore the new facilities and witness the result of our collective hard work and vision
  • Art Exhibition: An Art Exhibition will be on display, showcasing the talents of our students and staff. It’s a chance to appreciate and celebrate the artistic achievements within our LANNA community. 
  • Charity Night: As part of our celebration, we will host a Charity Night and an Art Auction, donating the income to the nearby community and some of our students’ community projects. This is our chance to impact and support those in need positively.

We hope to see you there!