We are proud to present our Campus and Facilities


The significant demand for spaces has spurred LANNA’s rapid growth and expansion in recent years. As a result, we relocated our Primary school to a new campus in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai in 2018, followed by Early Years in 2019. Then, in 2023, we consolidated into “One School, One Campus” when our Secondary division transitioned. Our new campus is a haven for education, boasting world-class facilities, and enables us to introduce new programmes to meet the needs of families seeking opportunities for their children.

Early Years Campus

We were very pleased to open the new Early Years Campus in 2019. The new campus is a wonderful learning environment with dedicated indoor and outdoor learning spaces that instill a love of learning in our students and encourages curiosity and student-centered learning. The facility includes modern teaching classrooms, a space for specialist classes and an assembly space, as well as a play area and dining facility, designed especially for our youngest learners.

Primary School Campus

In 2018, our Primary students and teachers had the privilege of opening LANNA’s new campus. Several buildings comprise the Primary School and harmonize gracefully with the green scenery of rice fields in the surrounding area. The three-storey buildings contain, apart from classrooms, specially designed spaces for Music, Drama and STEAM lessons. The Primary Library is a purpose built and designed space that is spacious and flexible. Moveable shelving means that furniture can be moved to adapt to different situations, and the book stock is professionally selected to support learning, reflect students’ interests and embed a culture of Reading for Pleasure. Several playgrounds and green areas surround the buildings.

Secondary Campus

Our newly constructed Secondary buildings are built with beautiful facilities conducive for learning. Ensuring the utmost in safety, our buildings boast positive pressure systems, guaranteeing a clean and fresh environment needed for comfortable learning. Our students have access to custom built classrooms for Science, STEAM, Drama, Art and all other subjects.

Our two Secondary buildings feature a black-box theatre, dedicated art and music rooms and music practice rooms. We have STEAM and chemistry labs, equipped with the latest technology to foster exploration and discovery.

World-Class Facilities

Our school campus is a place where academic excellence meets innovation. Nestled amidst numerous green spaces, our state-of-the-art facilities provide an unparalleled learning environment for students of all ages. 

Student safety is paramount, which is why our campus features positive pressure systems ensuring clean and fresh air.

LANNA’s Swimming Pool is one of the few chemical-free designed public swimming complexes in Chiang Mai. And, our Splash Pool area is a special feature of the school, ensuring water confidence for novice learners.

Our in-door airconditioned Gymnasium provides greater physical education experiences for athletic teams and after school activity programmes, and is equipped with modern fitness equipment. Outside, our outdoor futsal pitch and basketball courts offer ample space for more fun.

Our campus also features a wide and elegant Assembly Hall, and dedicated art and performing arts rooms, where imagination knows no bounds.

At LANNA, we don’t just educate minds; we nurture talents, foster creativity, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. Join us on a journey of discovery at our exceptional campus, where every moment is an opportunity to thrive.

What Else to Expect

The next step for LANNA is building our Innovation Building, which will enhance the experience for our students, especially in the Arts and STEAM. For our current students and prospective ones, these new facilities will provide the best possible learning environment and experience going forward.