We are proud to present our Campus and Facilities

Campus and Facilities

The high demand for places has brought LANNA to quickly grow and expand in the past two years. Consequently, we moved our Primary school to a new campus in 2018, followed by Early Years in 2019. The new campuses have allowed us to open new classes and new programmes to offer families the opportunities they are looking for their children.

Primary School Campus

In 2018, our Primary students and teachers had the privilege of opening LANNA’s new campus in Hang Dong,Chiang Mai. Several buildings comprise the Primary School and harmonize gracefully with the green scenery of rice fields in the surrounding area. The three-storey buildings contain, apart from classrooms, specially designed spaces for Music, Drama and STEAM lessons. The Primary Library is a purpose built and designed space that is spacious and flexible. Moveable shelving means that furniture can be moved to adapt to different situations, and the book stock is professionally selected to support learning, reflect students’ interests and embed a culture of Reading for Pleasure. Several playgrounds and green areas surround the buildings. The site features a wide and elegant Assembly Hall as well as a football field and basketball courts.

New Early Years Campus

We were very pleased to open the new Early Years Campus next to the Primary School Campus in 2019. The new campus is a wonderful learning environment with dedicated indoor and outdoor learning spaces that instill a love of learning in our students and encourages curiosity and student-centered learning. The facility includes modern teaching classrooms, a space for specialist classes and an assembly space, as well as a play area and dining facility, designed especially for our youngest learners.

Campus Development

In 2019, we broke the ground on the new Gymnasium and Swimming Pool complex. This complex will allow us to provide greater physical education experiences as well as athletic teams and after school activity programmes. We look forward to opening this facility.

The new Gymnasium and Swimming Pool complex is nearing completion. The swimming pool will be one of the few only chemical-free designed public swimming complex in Chiang Mai.

This year we were also able to complete our analysis of the long term school model and after exploring renovation options at the original campus next to the airport and the space usage at the new campus in Hang Dong, we have decided to purchase additional land connected to the Primary and Early Years campus in order to build a new Secondary campus. The original plan of building the Secondary campus on the same lot of land (17 rai) as the Primary campus was not sufficient for our future growth so we are pleased to have secured additional land to build on. The Secondary Campus is targeted for readiness for the August 2023/24 new academic year.

Secondary School campus and other new facilities coming soon

Campus and Facilities