What is the LANNA curriculum?

LANNA delivers a British style education based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales, adapted to more fully meet the needs of our environment and our school population of students from Early Years to Year 13. 


LANNA Early Years (ages 2-5) provides a safe, warm, caring and stimulating environment. LANNA encourages children to develop self-esteem and the confidence to become independent and make decisions all within the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). Learning at our Early Years is motivating, engaging and fun, opening up a world of wonder for children where personal interests can flourish.


LANNA International Primary School (ages 5-11) uses the Cambridge Primary Curriculum for English, Mathematics. The International Primary Curriculum is based for all other subjects. Our Primary School adopts a broad and balanced curriculum which is supported by a strong team of specialist teachers: Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education (P.E), Modern Foreign Languages (French and Chinese) and Thai.


LANNA Secondary School (ages 11-18) offers a rigorous educational experience and is focused on enabling students to be highly successful academically, whilst also offering a wide range of other opportunities. culminating in the highly valued and internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE and A level qualifications. Notable programmes at include: Thai, French and Chinese Modern Foreign Languages, Model United Nations, Duke of Edinburgh International Award, Dragon Den Business Competition, LQ student-led magazine, Drama and Theatre, Sport Leadership, Leadership and STEAM Programmes, Orchestra, Jazz and Rock bands.


LANNA students truly enjoy going to school!

How are new students allocated to a year group?

All students must meet the appropriate age by September 1st.

School Age by September 1st Lanna (UK) USA Thailand
2 years old Pre-Nursery
3 years old Nursery Pre-kindergarten Anuban 1
4 years old Reception Pre-kindergarten Anuban 2
5 years old Year 1 Kindergarten Anuban 3
6 years old Year 2 Grade 1 Prathom 1
7 years old Year 3 Grade 2 Prathom 2
8 years old Year 4 Grade 3 Prathom 3
9 years old Year 5 Grade 4 Prathom 4
10 years old Year 6 Grade 5 Prathom 5
11 years old Year 7 Grade 6 Prathom 6
12 years old Year 8 Grade 7 Mattayom 1
13 years old Year 9 Grade 8 Mattayom 2
14 years old Year 10 Grade 9 Mattayom 3
15 years old Year 11 Grade 10 Mattayom 4
16 years old Year 12 Grade 11 Mattayom 5
17 years old Year 13 Grade 12 Mattayom 6

Do I need to make an appointment for a school tour?

Yes, pre-appointment is preferable. We recommend you make an appointment in advance as we might not be available if you walk in. Also, in a pre-arranged appointment, we can offer you a better insight into your child’s age group, skills and family choices.

Do I need to fill in a registration form for a school tour or visit?

Yes, please complete the ‘Book a School Tour’ form on our website: https://www.lannaist.ac.th/book-a-school-tour/

How can I register my child to apply to LANNA?

Complete the ‘ADMISSIONS ENQUIRY’ form on our website: https://www.lannaist.ac.th/admissions-enquiry/ then our admissions officer will contact you accordingly.

What is the report card format accepted to apply to LANNA?

An official school report from the child’s previous term or school year is mandatory to apply to LANNA. A typical report card uses a grading scale to determine the quality of a student’s schoolwork. The report card usually has teachers comments, has the school’s logo, contact details and has a sealed stamp.


All report cards should be submitted in English. In case the original report card is in a different language, please seek the help of an official translation company. An official translation would have the seal and name of the company doing the translation service. Please send both original and official translated documents to our Admissions team.


If there is a special reason why you do not have your child’s previous report card please explain the reason to our admissions team or make mention of this in the comment section in the Registration Form.

*For children applying to Pre-Nursery, a report card is not necessary.

If there are no seats available in a Year Level, can I apply?

Yes, you may apply, and our Admissions Officer will let you know when to contact back to sit the Online Admissions Assessment/Test for the year level Waiting List.

Is there an Admissions Assessment/Test and how much it is?

Yes, there is an interview/assessment for all applicants. The interview/assessment 5,000THB fee is payable before the assessment takes place.

The Admissions Assessment can be completed online or on-site, whichever is more convenient for the applicant. Applicants residing outside Chiang Mai, Thailand, will be offered the online assessment and interview. The process and requirements vary for each school (Early Years, Primary, and Secondary).

The assessment process for Early Years to Year 3 applicants is primarily face-to-face, but an online option is also available. The interview and assessment typically take 30 minutes. Due to the young age of the applicants, we base our enrolment decisions on their most recent school reports and a number of internal criteria.

For Year 4 to Year 13 applicants, the assessment process lasts approximately 3 hours. It includes an essay writing task, a reading comprehension test, a cognitive abilities test, and an interview with the principal. Based on their academic and spoken English levels, students are either:

  • Offered enrolment
  • Offered enrolment with the added condition
  • Not offered enrolment

All students enrolled at LANNA are subject to a 3-month observation period to ensure they meet our academic and behavioral standards

The school’s decision-making process is guided by the following principles:

  • Is the student’s English level sufficient for them to participate in our programs?
  • Do they have the potential to make good progress in our academic programs?
  • Will our school be a good fit for this student?

How can I pay the Admissions Assessment/Test?

You will receive the invoice from our Finance Department with the detail for the payment.

Is the Admissions Assessment/Test online?

Yes, the admissions process can be completed either online or onsite for all year levels. The Admissions team will let you know more details.

How can I register my child for the assessment?

To apply to LANNA please register on our website and send your child’s last report card in English. The school does not offer an assessment to students that have not submitted their previous report card unless they have a valid reason for not having it.

How is the LANNA Online Admissions Assessment/Test?

We complete the online interview/assessment via a Zoom application for applicants residing outside Chiang Mai, Thailand. More details will be given by the admissions officer. 

Is a high level of English needed to be offered a seat?

In Early Years, English is not needed to be offered a seat. Though basic English knowledge is encouraged. More importantly at this age level are the children’s personal, social and emotional development. 


In the Primary School, (ages 5 to 10) children are taught in English and most students become confident speakers and writers at a young age. Students aged 5 years and up will sit our house admissions tests. These tests will focus on level-appropriate English verbal communication, reading and writing, and non-verbal reasoning skills. While we do offer English Support to students in mainstream Primary classes who need some extra help and an additional After School Tutoring English Programme (ASET).

In the Secondary School, (Years 7-13) students need to be capable of understanding written and spoken English well and also need to be able to write competently in English. An additional After School Tutoring English Programme (ASET) for lower secondary students is provided for those who require additional support. The Secondary curriculum, including the final four years of Cambridge examination courses (Years 10-13), is demanding, and any applicants with a low English ability are unlikely to be offered a place.

Which documents are needed once my child is offered a seat at LANNA?

The requirements for enrolment include:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Picture of the student and parents
  • Student’s passport and birth certificate in Thai/English
  • Parents’ passports, Parents’ Thai ID and House Registration for Thai nationals
  • Most recent School Records
  • Health Forms
  • 3-month Observation Forms
  • Emergency Ambulance Consent Form
  • Visa Form (if require)
  • School Bus (for Primary and Secondary students if require)
  • Registratin fee 60,000 THB
  • Equipment Deposit 13,000 THB
  • Tuition fee deposit 40,000 THB

*Make sure to submit high quality scanned documents as these will be in your child’s file and will be sent to the Ministry of Education.

Who decides whether a student is offered a place?


Admissions are decided by the Head of School in consultation with the appropriate Principal and Admissions staff. Factors influencing placement include age, previous school records, placement test results, family interview, gender, nationality and a student’s abilities and needs. We try to inform parents of the decision within one week of testing but it can sometimes take longer (maximum of 10 working days).

What happens if my child is not offered a seat?

If the student does not pass the test, he/she might be offered to re-test in 3, 6 or 9 months depending on the test results and the time of the year.

Is there a Waiting List in case there are no seats available in a year level?

Yes, your child may register on the website, submit the previous report card and be offered the assessment/test. In case the student passes the test, he/she would be added to the Waiting List.

*Siblings of LANNA students have priority on the Waiting List.

What happens when a place is offered?

Parents receive an email confirming the offer of a place at LANNA, including Year Group and starting date and will be required to submit documentation. Parents will then receive an invoice which should be paid within ten working days. When payment is received, the place is guaranteed. If payment is not made within ten days, the offer is no longer valid.

Payment can be in cash, by bank transfer or credit card on-site subject to 2% charge. If you pay by bank transfer, please email the bank transaction slip to account@lannaist.ac.th & admissions@lannaist.ac.th. This step is very important due to the banking system in Thailand. Payments cannot be verified without a copy of the transaction slip.

What are the Visa Procedures?


1. Can LANNA students and parents receive a Visa?

At LANNA we have a Visa Officer who will provide the required documents for your child and guardian visa under your request. There are multiple types of visas and each one may have different requirements. The most common for students and guardians are the Non-immigrant-ED (Education) and Non-immigrant-O (Guardian) respectively. Please note that only one (1) parent may apply for the Non-immigrant-O (Guardian) visa per enrolled student. Grandparents and other relatives cannot apply for a Guardian Non-O visa.


2. How can I apply for the Non-ED and Non-O visa for my child and myself?

The school will provide all necessary documents once the student has been enrolled and paid the tuition fee for one term under your request.


3. Can I transfer my child and my visa from another school in Thailand to LANNA?

Yes, it is necessary to apply for the new visa at the Chiang Mai immigration office. It is not necessary to travel abroad to change the visa from one school to another. Contact our Visa Officer for more information.


4. Can parents change from Tourist Visa to Guardian Visa without leaving Thailand?

No. If the parent is in Thailand and will change from a Tourist Visa to a Non-immigrant-O (Guardian), it is necessary to change the visa status from a Thai Consulate outside of Thailand. Note: Due to COVID-19 it is possible to change the status in Chiang Mai though this is an exemption and it could change from one day to another.


5. Should the new enrolled LANNA student and parent enter Thailand with a Tourist or Non-immigrant-ED (Education) or Non-immigrant-O (Guardian)?

It is highly recommended to enter Thailand with a Non-ED and Non-O visa. Please note that if you enter Thailand with a Tourist Visa, you will be able to change from a tourist visa to Non-immigrant- ED (Education) Visa ONLY if the visa is still valid for more than or at least 21 days. If the Tourist Visa is valid for less than 21 days, parents have to leave the country to change the visa status and the process will take more time.


6. When do parents need to start preparing documents and apply for the Visa before moving to Thailand?

Once the student is offered a seat and enrolment and tuition fee has been paid and confirmed, the school will be able to provide the documents required for applying for the visa. The time will depend on when the family plans on moving to Chiang Mai. Each Thai Consulate may have different appointment procedures and required documents, so please contact your nearest one and ask for the information. 


The Guarding Non-O visa that is given at the Thai Consulate will be valid for 3 months. Once the Guardian enters Thailand to extend the visa at the Chiang Mai Immigration office, the parent must have a total amount of 500,000THB in a Thai bank account and show proof of this to the immigration office for a minimum of 30 days before the day of visa extension application.


7. When do parents need to start preparing documents to transfer a Student and Guardian visa from another school in Thailand to LANNA?

Once the student is offered a seat, enrolment and tuition fee has been paid and confirmed, the school will be able to provide the documents required for applying for the visa under parents request. It is common when transferring from another school that both Student and Guardian Visas would be valid until the end of the school year. But this changes from case to case. 

To transfer the visa from one school to another, first, the parent has to cancel the previous school’s visa. The previous school will issue necessary documents under the parents request. 

For the Guardian visa, the parent must have a total amount of 500.000THB for a minimum of 90 days in a Thai bank account and show proof of this before the day of visa application. At the same time, the parent has to make sure that this sum of money is in the bank for a minimum 90 days prior to the previous visa cancellation.


8. What documents do foreign students need to apply for the LANNA Non-Ed visa?

Parents must send to our Visa Officer, either digital or hard copies of the student passport main page, current Thai visa stamp page, TM-30, tuition fee receipt digital scanned copy. 


9. What document do foreign parents need to apply to the LANNA Guardian Non-O visa?

Parents must send to our Visa Officer either digital or hard copies of the parent’s passport main page, current Thai visa stamp page, TM-30, tuition fee receipt digital scanned copy. 


10. What other requirements do I have to meet before applying to the Visa at immigration?

A detailed checklist will be provided by our Visa officer once your child has been enrolled at LANNA and she will assist you during the process. You may find the required documents in the following checklist: 


11. What is the process for applying to the visa?


You may find the process in this link:

12. How long does the school take to issue necessary school visa documents?


Our Visa Officer can usually have the school documents ready within 5 working days once the parent has submitted all requested documents from student and parent. Nevertheless, sometimes it can take longer.


Important information:

Please note that the school will only support the application by providing the letter from the Thai Ministry of Education. Guardians are responsible for all visa related processes. All information and required documentation may be subject to change by the Immigration Authorities.