Choosing the right international school in Thailand.The best way to evaluate a school is to visit it. When this is not practical, many schools publish useful information on their website and are happy to answer questions via email.

To help with this important decision please download our guide entitled “What to look for in an international school“.

In the guide, the ten key questions that should be posed when selecting an International School for your child are followed by answers explaining the way we do things at Lanna School.

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My many years at Lanna have been filled with academic challenges, caring teachers and administration staff, engaging extracurricular activities and meaningful friendships.

Lanna is a great school and I can not emphasize enough the impact that the IGCSE and A-level curriculums have had in preparing me to excel in life after high school. The teachers offered their fullest guidance to me every day and invested everything in me. All students benefited from the small class sizes and the attention paid to each student helped to foster a warm learning environment within each classroom.

I left Lanna feeling not only academically prepared for university, but also mentally prepared to deal with many aspects of life. My mind was well equipped to deal with the challenging problem sets and quizzical essay prompts assigned to me, and my moral character was established so that I would always know to stay true to myself and to continue doing what I love doing.

The past 15 years at Lanna were special and I treasure all the precious moments that I have had the privilege of sharing with my wonderful friends and teachers.

Here’s to 15 years well spent and no regrets to speak of!

Thanin Quartz (JuJu), graduated 2016 as Valedictorian; attending NYU Abu Dhabi on full scholarship

I still cannot forget that day we dissected a pig’s heart with Mr Alan in science. Thinking back, I also realize how much every class was useful for my further studies at university, especially now majoring in Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University. The science experiments that we did for AS and A Level Biology really prepared me well for what I am doing now. Thank you Lanna School, you will be in my heart for always.

Hyejin Hwang, Class of 2013Ghent University BSc

I would say Lanna School was the turning point of my life. I was a total different person when I first joined; shy and afraid. This was mainly because I found English so difficult. It was hard for me to talk to people, but, I realized Lanna School was there for me. Teachers could not be any better. Not only are they living encyclopaedias, they’re teachers of life. They’re always there if you need someone to talk to, or if you need help with anything.

Now, I’m a completely different person. I am studying architecture at university in Prague. It’s tough but I know that I will get through it. Studying Art, Maths and Physics at A Level really helped. I thank Lanna School for helping me become a more confident, intellectual and strong person. I will never forget my school, it’s special in so many ways. I’m not able to describe it all in words, but Lanna School was there to help me every step of the way.

Yujin (Class of 2013)BArch, Prague University

I graduated from Lanna School in 2009, and I took with me memories that will be treasured for life.

I didn’t speak any English at all when I entered Lanna School. I had little idea of what I was interested in or what I wanted to achieve in the future. I didn’t even have a positive view of formal schooling. But I found that Lanna School was very different. Teachers here care deeply for students. They know all students by their first name. They help students see the wonders of maths, science, and arts. They make classes really engaging and meaningful. For example, my English teacher went through 33 drafts of my first essay and tirelessly explained to me the essence of essay writing, which is one of the most important skills for academic success. The comments on report cards are by far the longest and most personal I’ve ever seen. In all classes teachers encourage us to explore our interests, hopes and dreams.

The most difficult part about schooling is to make the content meaningful, and to help students grow into confident, committed, and passionate individuals. Lanna School is the place that does just that.

Ann (Class of 2009)Hong Kong University BSc
London School of Economics MSc

For me, Lanna School does not represent an ordinary school; it has never done so. It is a lively community where everyone is included; parents, teachers and students. It’s like a big family of the friendliest and funniest people you will ever meet. I cannot thank Lanna enough for having kept me as grounded as I am today.

I’m now at University of Manchester in England studying Architecture. It’s one of the toughest courses but Lanna prepared me really well. I’m loving it (and the football).

Lanna has also transformed me from being reluctant to represent myself to becoming the strongest version of myself. It taught me to explore and challenge different aspects of my life and have fun. My times at Lanna were truly the best times of my life, it has the coolest, cleverest and craziest teachers in the world. Make no mistake, this is a special place.

Thanat Prathnadi (Class of 2014)B Arch Manchester University, UK

Lanna has always been a place of great comfort to me, thanks to the staff and students alike. Those were the people who made Lanna my home, they made everyone who came to the school feel like the most accepting place on earth. The people aside, the choices available and small classes made learning are real treat and I believe had a really big part in making my education the best I could get. Lanna’s a great place for anybody and I have to say, it’s probably what I miss most about Chiang Mai.

Naline (Class of 2015)MSc Undergraduate Scholarship in Mechanics
Sussex University, UK

Lanna School has a special vibe.

Everyone is always helpful and friendly, and a casualness between teachers and students really makes learning much more engaging and enjoyable. Coupled with the fact that you get to interact with people from all across the world and make life long friends. Deciding to study at Lanna School was one of the best choices I have made in my life.

I am now studying Physics at Groningen University in the Netherlands, and it is absolutely fantastic. The Netherlands in general is also brilliant and I want to thank Lanna School for making this possible for me.

Ben Barraclough (Class of 2015)Groningen University BSc