Every second year Lanna Secondary school head off on camp for a few days. This has become a fantastic tradition enjoyed by staff and students alike – a great opportunity to get out into the countryside and have some fun together.

lanna international school camp activities list

The camp normally runs over a long weekend in January, from Friday through to Sunday. It is a fun filled few days, with lots of activities and delicious (mostly!) food cooked by a willing team of teachers and students; last year we even roasted a whole pig over the campfire for our Saturday dinner.

Activities at the camp have included river rafting, walking, juggling, slack-lining, treasure hunts, wood-craft skills, animal tracking, fire starting, hiking, capture the flag, knife and axe skills, swimming, cycling, first aid skills, outdoor cooking, fishing, ghost stories, night walks, and even a “nature” fashion show – what a mess!

The time at the camp is a busy couple of days, but huge fun for all. The time there is also used as an opportunity for senior students to develop leadership skills, taking on lead roles with many of the activities.

Here’s looking forward to the next camp  🙂

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