Lanna Senior School Scholarships

Outstanding academic achievement, outstanding contributions to the school or community, or the demonstration of exceptional leadership qualities, are all reasons why LANNA students, or students seeking to join us, may be awarded a scholarship to assist with tuition fees for their senior years at LANNA.

LANNA scholarships are normally awarded to qualifying students transitioning from Y11 (Grade 10) to Y12 (Grade 11), and can continue into Y13 (Grade 12), subject to review by the Head of School. They grant students a reduction in tuition fees and are intended to recognise and reward exceptional commitment and dedication.

Scholarships are available on the basis of:

  1. Outstanding academic achievement: Applications are invited from students with an excellent academic record. For current LANNA students this means being forecast to obtain top grades at a wide range of IGCSE subjects.
  2. Outstanding contributions to the school/community, or the demonstration of exceptional leadership qualities: Students will need to be able to convincingly demonstrate/evidence how they qualify.
  3. Financial Need: Available to students in good academic standing who are able to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Head of School, their need for financial assistance in order to be able to study in Lanna’s Senior School. Financial need awards are means-tested, and applicants will be required to demonstrate their financial situation.

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How to apply for LANNA Senior Student Scholarships:

LANNA’s scholarships are granted to students transitioning from Y11 (Grade 10) into Y12 (Grade 11). Continuation of scholarships to assist with tuition fees into Y13 (Grade 12) is subject to reassessment and approval during Y12. This can involve a review of academic performance, attendance and behaviour in school, and/or ongoing financial need. All decisions are at the discretion of the Head of School.

If you believe that your child meets the requirements to be considered for a LANNA Senior Student Scholarship please download and complete the application form. Note that for current LANNA students the deadline for receipt of applications is 31st March:

Apply here

Email the completed form to our Head of Sixth Form: [email protected]