Lanna International School Thailand student council.The Student Council provides leadership opportunities and gives students real responsibility for making things happen. It is basically an autonomous student organisation for Primary and Secondary schools that runs events for students and the school. On offer are excellent opportunities for students to learn a whole range of important skills outside the classroom.

Students elect council members from the student body. Students put themselves forward as class representatives, secretary, treasurer, president, vice president, events and publicity officers.

The Secondary Student Council organises fundraising events such as bake sales, car washes and discos to raise money for student events or to donate to charity. It has a large self-sustaining budget of around 80,000THB, so it is quite a serious responsibility.

Recently they donated 10,000THB to a refugee camp school and before that raised 10,000THB for a local organisation that provides education for Karen Hill Tribe children. The Student Council also runs the end of year School Prom (a large, expensive affair at a local five star hotel), Valentine’s Ball, Halloween Night and the Welcome Back Dance at the beginning of term.

Both Primary and Secondary Councils also provide refreshment stalls and other help and support at events such as Talent Nights, school drama productions, PTO events and School Barbecues.

It is a busy, vibrant organisation that meets once a week and is constantly in the process of creating and evolving social events and activities.