6 Tips to Build Self-Confidence in Early Years Children

Building Self-Confidence for Early Years Children (with 6 Tips to Foster Success!) by LANNA Early Years Cynthia Alves, Deputy Head of Early Years   Self-Confidence is a Key to Academic Success In essence, the key to academic success lies in self-confidence. This vital attribute shapes students’ attitudes, behaviours, and outcomes. With a positive outlook, inner…

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Empowering Success: How LANNA International School Uses the International School Assessments (ISAs) to Achieve Academic Excellence

by LANNA PrimarySarah Reynolds, Deputy Head of School and Primary Principal At LANNA International School in Thailand, a commitment to academic excellence is woven into the fabric of our institution. One of the key milestones in a student’s academic journey is the International School Assessments (ISAs). In this post, we will delve into the various…

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The duke of endinbourough chiang mai

LANNA Donation Drives: Supporting Relief and Resilience

INTRODUCTION From food insecurity, to inflation, to poverty, vulnerable communities in Thailand continue to be plagued by systemic issues. Hundreds of Thai communities remain ensnared in the grips of poverty, in desperate need of assistance. It goes without saying that the fallout of the pandemic exacerbates existing social issues, leaving millions without work, causing business…

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